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Eli Manning Is Teaching Brandon Marshall A New Language
Topic Started: Aug 19 2017, 03:20 AM (171 Views)
They say that in the NFL learning a new http://www.yadeos.com/graham-gano-jersey-c-1_32.html offense is like learning a new language. And if you listen to a quarterback or coach spit out a play call, thereís plenty of credence to the statement ó especially in the West Coast Offense.
If thatís true, than Brandon Marshall is something of a football polyglot after being a number one receiver four different teams. But joining the New York Giants is presents a new experience for the well-traveled receiver.
The Giants donít just use a typically verbiage-dense West Coast offense, but they also play faster than most teams.
ďYou know what, I feel really comfortable where Iím at right now,Ē Marshall said after practice. ďObviously Iím not where I need to be, but where I was in OTAs and spring and summer wasnít a great place as far as feeling like a rookie, new terminology. But it wasnít even that, Iíve been in several offenses, had several quarterbacks, for some reason the way we do things here is really different. Iíve never really been in a no-huddle offense, the tempo is like learning a new language because everything this non-verbal communication. So, that was difficult for me, but we stuck to it and Iím in a really comfortable place http://www.arimtex.com/brett-gardner-jersey-c-1_28.html now and thereís some things I still have to figure out. Literally 10 seconds ago, Eli walked in the locker room and took me through five minutes of just throwing things at me, seeing where I was. So, he knows where Iím at and where Iím not at. Heís challenging me every second he gets, so weíll be where we need to be come Week One.Ē
When asked how often those pop quizzes come, Marshall could only say, ďItís Eli Manning time. Itís whenever Ė itís weird.Ē

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